Tech Items for College Students

Tech Items for College Students


When you are going to college in this modern world, you are going to need tech items to support your study needs, make daily chores easier and also provides entertainment in between study times. On top of your student loans, you are going to spend a lot of money for the dorm living. Take into account you have already allotted the majority of your budget towards living necessities; you need to choose what tech items you are going to get wisely. Here we have round up top tech items for college students.

For Studying

studyNowadays everybody is going towards a paperless and digital approach in every aspect of life, including in the field of education. Almost every course works are typed and submitted via email, therefore you are going to need a laptop and flash drives or portable hard drives. It depends on how many courses you are taking per semester. As for the printer, we suggest you use a shared printer with other college students as hardcopy needs are decreasing. If you like to listen to music while studying you may also get earphones or Bluetooth headphone. You can also use it when you are studying in the library or when you re-watch your online lecture material in the dorm room. Choose the noise-canceling headphone for the best study experience.

For Your Dorm

So you got your bedding and laundry hampers, now you need to prepare gadgets for your room. Our top picks are LED desk lamp, wireless charger, and USB bed raiser. Most modern LED lamps are now equipped with a USB charging port and different brightness levels. Some even have a timer that turns off at a particular time in case you are in a hurry and forget to turn it off. Bed risers are classic dorm necessities because it creates a lot more space under your bed to store your things. Now the bed risers are equipped with USB charging ports so you can charge your smartphone, laptop, and other gadgets.

For Entertainment

Every now and then you are going to need to take a study break. We suggest you get a Bluetooth speaker for group entertainment. Connect it to your laptop, and you can have your dance party in the dorm room with your best college mates. The last best item we recommend for you is a portable streaming device. This portable device will connect all your streaming entertainment to the TV. No need to watch from a small laptop screen, you can connect it to your lounge TV and enjoy movie nights together.