Technological Innovations that are Changing the Film Industry

Technological Innovations that are Changing the Film Industry

Some technologies have helped positively reshape the film industry. For instance, our phones are turning from point-and-shoot cameras into 360-degree recording devices. Some people in secret rooms are always thinking of how they can push the film industry forward.

Autonomous Drones

autonomous droneNowadays, there are autonomous drones on the market. They are not only sensational beginnings but fully autonomous drones. These drones are feature algorithms and built-in knowledge of different aspects of filmmaking techniques. For instance, they have features such a viewing angles, screen position, and shot sizes. Also, they can avoid obstacles.

Smartphone Filmmaking Gear

For most people, the idea that a day will come when entire feature films can be shot on iPhones appears to be a dystopian concept. However, the truth is that this has already opened several times. The problem is: will the industry and market shift to accommodate those upcoming smartphone filmmakers? Fortunately, the market and industry have already welcomed the idea.

Dual Camera VR

As you know, two eyes are better than one? So why should this not be true for the virtual reality? Some experts believe that binocular 360 recordings and viewing is the way of the future. In any case, it is the same way we experience the world daily. You can check more about how and why it works in various videos posted online.

Drone Goggles

Drone goggles are, to say the least, the most futuristic technological innovation. In fact, it is a thing of imminent future. You can find some of these drone goggles on the market. As a result of the limitations of different products, POV drone operation is just starting out.

Algorithm Editing

illustration of 3D printingMaybe this is the scariest technological innovation. The truth is that algorithmic editing technologies are meant to replace human video editing jobs. Depending on the way to look at it, the technology may just be making editing less tedious. In any case, there are a lot of breakthroughs in automatic labeling, facial recognition, and idiom appliance.

3D Printing

There will come a time when shipping something across the world would be a dial-up internet. This will happen when 3D printing gets to another level of speed, quality, and affordability. Fortunately, for small items such as lens rings, clapboards, follow focuses, and tripod plates have become a viable option.

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