Tips for Working With PDF to Improve Your Productivity

Tips for Working With PDF to Improve Your Productivity

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With most people and offices going paperless or digital, the use of portable document format (PDF) files has become so common. This file format has a ton of advantages like easy transfer, retaining original design, protecting tampering with documents, and others. However, users face some challenges like converting PDF to other formats o allow editing, and even some find it hard to combine pdf files to form a single document. Fortunately, there are tools to assist with all the issues, and you only need to get the right ones.

Here are some tips to help you improve your productivity as you work with PDF:

Sign on PDF Files

signDid you know that you can sign electronically on PDF? Gone are the days where you had to print a file, sign it manually using your pen and then re-scan it. Well, that was time-wasting and more expenses associated with it. These days, you can sign it electronically, save a lot of time and resources, and send the files very quickly. Modern offices do a lot of information sharing through emails. That’s why you don’t have to stop a transaction just because you do not have a printer at your disposal.

Edit PDF Files

In simpler terms, this involves converting a PDF to word or other editable formats because you will sometimes receive PDF files that require some editing work. Sometimes back, you had to retype the entire document to be able to make changes to it. That should be a problem of the past. It’s now possible to convert the PDF text to editable formats and edit it. Once you are done, you convert the edited document back to PDF and send it or save it as you please. That’s time-saving!

Convert PDF Texts into Images

Opening and running a PDF document on a tablet or phone sometimes poses a challenge. This owes to their large size. Besides, anyone loading a PDF text is required to download either the Adobe app or install an external plugin. This forces the viewer to add a download on their devices, which eats up space. A PDF image proves a lot easier to send and view. All you have to do is convert the PDF text into a JPG image format. Even though such images’ resolution is slightly lower than the original PDF, they prove a lot easier to download and read them.

Merge PDF Files

You can put different PDF files together for easy presentation. If you have some sheets to present and are in separate files, merging them would give you an organized flow of work and ideas for easy display. You can merge graphic images, Excel spreadsheets, pie charts, and texts into a single document.

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